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Facial Glow Lotion For all Skin Types


Facial Glow Lotion 100 ml

Facial Glow Set is great for you to go set for those who are looking for maintaining their skin, it is gentle, natural and formulated for all skin types, it is good for sensitive skin also mild enough for young stars. Very well balanced will not make your skin oily and for those with very dry skin are advised to buy Facial & Body Body Balm for all skin types

For a healthy-looking skin that glows


The Skin Glow Set includes 1 Bar of Facial Cleanser, 1 Skin Renew Toner, and Facial Glow Lotion,

This is your ready to go routine, Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise for a radiant complexion


The Moisturiser:

This is a wonder Facial Cream, it is enriched with beneficial vitamins
as well Botanical AHA’s for gentle exfoliation of dull skin,
used effectively will leave your skin smooth, silky, as well as glowing. It is a must-have facial cream for all women & men
of all ages

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Weight100 g

1 review for Facial Glow Lotion For all Skin Types

  1. Moreen kasule

    Great Lotion, works well, visible results in 4-6 weeks depending on the skin

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