Facial Clarifying Toner 100 ML


Save 40% on Facial Clarifying Toner


Facial Clarifying Toner is formulated for various skincare solutions,

Great for Blemish Control
•Dark Circle removal
•skin even tone
•Gentle exfoliating

Cleanse skin, with Moreen Skin-Care Miracle Cleansing Bar, and gently work moistened cotton

wool ball/pad with Moreen Skin-Care Facial Lightening Toner, work over face and neck,

leave it on, and follow with Moreen Skin-Care, Glutathione Facial & Body Brightening Complex with Aloe vera

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact

with eyes, if this occurs rinse thoroughly

with water, in case of persistent irritation

seek medical attention. Not for human


INGREDIENTS: Aqua Polysorbate-80, Licorice extract, Vegetable Glycerin, Cucumber extract, Lactic Acid(Active) Glycolic Acid(Active) Salicylic Acid (Active), Phenoxyethanol


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