Facial & Body Brightening Set

This Facial & Body Brightening Set is so effective on Dark Spots, Hyper-Pigmentation, and Glowing and Flawless Skin

Blemish Control Set

Blemish Control Set for, Blemish Control & Blackhead Clearing, For Smooth & Flawless, free from dark spots

Vitamin E & C Serum 120 ml

This Serum is an Excellent Moisturiser, Fantastic on Dry Skin, Great Anti-Aging Serum


Natural Miracle Hair Nutrition Set

Has anti-inflammatory properties, promote nerve growth, Improves circulation


I have been using Moreen Skin Care Facial & Body Brightening Set for at least 8 week . I started using because Moreen Skin Care because my skin was uneven, Now my skin is even an glowing. I would recommend these products. Sarah


I have been using Moreen Skin Care Facial & Body Brightening Set for 4weeks , my skin had a lot of breakouts , dark-spots and uneven. Although I still have some journey to go before my skin completely clears , I am happy with the way my skin looks like now. I would recommend Moreen Skin Care to anyone with acne issues

Miracle Exfoliating Soap 90Grams

Product Review

Pearl Priscah These are the products that have changed my life,may God bless your hands ma'am 😢 I wish I could let all people suffering with skin like I used to do ,very big pimples with bumps but miracle soap did miracles 😭 only at 20k, u can't use 2 pieces and remain the same 😟 My testimony is done make ur choice on these products

Product Review

I'm Living proof, I'm obsessed with the Miracle Soap, my skin glows because of this soap, thank you Director Moreen Kasule Moreen Skin-CareMoreen Skin-CareMoreen Skin-Care products are a must have in everyone's house💯👌👌👌 Lady Judith

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